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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Price inBangladesh

CW 929


Hot And Cold Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier:

Capacity: 50 Gallon Per Day (7 Litter /hour)

Reserve Tank Capacity: 12 Litter (3.2 Gallon)

Operation: Fully automatic

Model: Deng Yuan CW929

Made in Taiwan

Counter Top model

Size: w40xD35xH105(Cm)

Big Tank Capacity: up to 14 Litters

Hot Cold and Normal Water

Cooling Capacity: 5-10 Litter/hour

Membrane type: Thin-film Composite

Membrane Material: Polyamide (PA)

Element Configuraiton: Spiral-Wound, Tape Wrapping

Nominal salt rejection: 98.0%,

Minimum salt rejection: 96.0%

Recovery rate : 15%

Type: Under Sink type

1 Year Warranty

Filtering stage: 5 Stage Filtration

1 stage : Sediment Filter (5 Micron)

2 Stage : Granular Carbon Filter

3 Stage : Box Carbon Filter (5 Micron) CTO

4 Stage : Reverse Osmosis Filter ( 0.0001 Micron Filter)

5 Stage : Test and order filter (Test Carbon Filter)

Hot and cold

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