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Ultrafiltration UF Systems

Ultrafiltration Systems UF
Ultrafiltration Systems UF
Advanced Ultrafiltration (UF) Systems In Bangladesh
Toptech Enterprise manufactures and assembles the most advanced Ultrafiltration (UF) systems for water treatment need that fit the needs of different industries and application such as RO pre-Treatment, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and waste water treatment, ETP, STP etc.
Ultrafiltration (UF) systems have different membrane filtrations where hydrostatic pressure pushes solvents against a very fine membrane. They block large suspended particulates and solids while water and solutes with a lower molecular weight are allowable to flow through the membrane filter.
Ultrafiltration is parallel to microfiltration, nanofiltration or gas separation, except it differs in the molecule sizes of its blocks.
To meet up critical discharge criteria, ultrafiltration systems remove the need for clarifiers and multi-media filters. Successful ultrafiltration systems use membranes filter that can be immersed, back-flushable, and air scoured. Spiral wound UF/MF membranes offer excellent performance for the clarification of process water and waste water filtration.
Ultrafiltration (UF) Systems Advantages
Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes systems are more trustworthy than a conventional multi-media filter, which removed roughly 10 microns or larger of matter, where an ultrafiltration membrane pore ranges from 0.01 to 0.10 micron. In addition to advanced turbidity removal, UF membranes efficiently remove bacteria and most viruses.
– Advanced filtration performance with high flux
– Incredibly small nominal pore diameter (0.03 µm)
– Proficiently removes bacteria and viruses
– Intermittently back washed and air scoured to boost performance and removing the fouling layer to extend service life
– Minimum fouling membrane modules
– UF Outside-In or Inside-Out design permits reduced plugging and higher solids loading
– Basic, vertical, modular design allow low cost, compact systems
– Easy & Effective membrane cleaning has a high chemical resistance and temperature tolerance

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