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Industrial & Commercial Water Filters

Industrial & Commercial Water Filters

Toptech Enterprise manufactures industrial water filters, for seawater, city/tap, brackish and industrial waste water sectors that remove the following:
• Iron and manganese
• Sediments & turbidity
• Bad tastes
• Odors
• Suspended particles
• Unnecessary color
• Chlorine

By using SUS304 SS steel, epoxy coated steel or FRP tanks (depending on the need), our industrial water filters can be used in a array of applications including municipal, institutional and industrial water filtration applications, and in nearly any climate or weather condition.
With the use of the correct pressure tanks, valves and perfect filter media choices, Toptech Enterprise’s industrial water filters can suit most any water filtration requirements.

Our WTP Systems can be control manually, semi- or fully-automatically and requires very limited technical knowledge.
Multi-media water filter systems are a considerable upgrade from single-media filters. This is principally due to improved filter bed action based on the innovative use and selection of filter media. Multi-media filtration allows delivery of high quality filtered water at much faster flow rates, as compared to a usual sand filter.
In a usual sand filter, lighter and finer sand particles are start at the top of the filter bed, and coarser, heavier sand particles stay at the bottom after backwashing. Filtration takes place in the top few inches of the filter bed.
A multi-media filter is backwashed in the same manner as a sand filter, using reverse or upward flow of water through the filter bed. The different layers of media retain their stratification because each material has a different density.
All Toptech steel and stainless steel industrial water filters include pressure tanks constructed of high class welded steel designed for 100 psi working pressure and tested for 150 psi. Typical pressure tanks are equipped with inlet and outlet port, top mounted loading port (either handhole or manhole), and a side filter media removal fitting. Due to the corrosive character of other filter media types, all carbon steel tanks are epoxy lined.
We drawing our filters using the correct pressure tanks, automatic or manually operated valves, filter media choice and operating conditions, our industrial water filtration solutions meet up most water filtration requirements. The equipment operates in a manual using manual valves, semi- or fully-automatic using fully automated PLC or controller, and requires requiring very inadequate technical knowledge. Backwash start can be through a timer, external signal from a central control system or using a differential pressure switch.
Our Filters serve the following Industries:
• Chemical Processing
• Reverse Osmosis and Desalination
• Environmental Compliance
• Food & Beverage
• Heat Transfer
• Agriculture and Irrigation Water
• Metal Working Fluids
• Mining
• Municipal Drinking Water
• Paints & Dyes
• Petrochemical
• Oil and Gas (Petroleum)
• Pharmaceutical
• Pulp & Paper
• City Water
• Surface or River Water
• Utilities
• Waste Water Treatment
• Water Softening
• Water Treatment
• Well or Underground Water
In addition to the usual media filters, Toptech Enterprise has a wide range of Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housings. We can offer different cartridge elements to meet up your specifications.

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